Market Entry Strategy

Question 1

Around 3000 word report answering the questions posed here as well as on the attached case study which somewhat overlap.

  • Identify and explain key issues facing JW in the US market
    • Competition (examples)
    • Implications
    • Solution
      • Key Issues
      • Implications
      • Solutions for adrdressing key issues
        • Use numbers
        • Statistics
  • market entry strategy
    • Exporting
      • Do you agree with exporting strategy, or not? Give your reasons
      • Asses advantages and limitation of exporting
      • Make a recommendation
  • Should JW continue focusing on students only? Or should it broaden/expand its target market beyond students
    • Analyze
    • Implication
    • Solution/Recommendation
      • Statistics and hard info
      • Justify why those decisions

Question 2

Are any of the Strategic Visions truly effective? Why or why not? What changes would you make to them?

Please use APA format

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