Marine Compass

Question 1

Which statement is true regarding the Venus of Willendorf statue?

a)It tells us something about women in the ancient past.

b)It’s the only statue known from its time period.

c)It reveals deep knowledge of female anatomy.

d)It’s meant to represent a Paleolithic goddess.

Question 2

The first European to round the Cape of Good Hope and proceed onward to India was

a)Vasco de Gama.

b)Christopher Columbus.

c)Ferdinand Magellan.

d)Pedro Alvarez Cabral.

Question 3

What happened immediately following the death of Alexander the Great?

a)His heirs formed a governing council to rule the conquered territories.

b)A simplified version of the Greek language, koine, was developed to unite the Hellenic realm.

c)Chaos reigned as Alexander’s heirs fought each other for power.

d)The conquered territories were united under Muslim rule.

Question 4

In developed countries, technological advances are most closely related to

a)cultural philosophy.

b)foreign warfare.

c)applied science.

d)religious belief.

Question 5

John Harrison, a Yorkshire carpenter, helped solve the longitude problem with the invention of the

a)marine compass.

b)marine chronometer.


d)global positioning system.

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