Managerial Functions

Question 1

Questions for FedEx’s Successful Internationalization
1. Briefly discuss why FedEx been so successful in Asia?
2. Can competitors imitate FedEx’s approach in international markets and take market share away from the company? Critically evaluate?
3. Is the FedEx move to close its hub in the Philippines and build a new one in China a good decision for its Asian operations? Critically discuss.
4. Identify the application of the managerial functions of planning, organizing and controlling in FedEx activities? With reference to key literature, please explain.

Question 2


One of the important tools in Linux is a file manager. There are lots of file managers used in different desktop environments in Linux.

  1. Discuss the concept of file manager in Linux environment
  2. Compare the uniqueness of FIVE file managers namely Nautilus (GNOME), Dolphin (KDE), Thunar (XFCE), Nemo (Cinnamon) and Caja (MATE). Support your explanation with the correct screenshots of each of the file managers
  3. Rank the file managers with appropriate justification, based on your preferences as a Linux user
  4. Discuss the area of improvement on your preferred file manager

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