Management Perspective

Each student will be required to find a current (from this year) news article about a business situation and analyze it from a human resource management perspective. The situation may not specifically involve an HR issue (e.g. an EEO complaint, mass layoffs, a negligent hiring situation, etc.). The best situations for analysis are those that involve some sort of change in company strategy. Students will be required to give an oral presentation to the class and submit a written, executive summary to the professor.

Pertinent questions that should be answered in your analysis include but are not limited to:

  • Are there any laws that apply to the situation described in the article? What are they, and how do they relate to the situation described?
  • How does/might this situation affect the practice of HR?
  • What are the HR implications to the employer? To the employees?
  • Are there any HR related concepts that should be considered when evaluating the situation described?

Please focus on the key points that pertain to your article. Your job is not to teach HR material, but to relate the material to your selected article. Do not merely summarize the article.

Oral Presentation:

Each student will give an oral presentation to the class.

  • Each student has a minimum of 6 or 7 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes to present his or her article and explain the HR ramifications of it.
  • The presentation cannot consist of the student reading his or her executive summary.
  • The presentation must be video recorded, uploaded to one of the university servers. Please see Assignment Information in Sakai for further instructions on video recording.

Your presentation will be evaluated by yourself, some of your classmates, and the instructor. The evaluation will be based on both the content and your delivery of the material to the class. A rubric will be provided to assist with the self and peer assessments.

Executive Summary:

In addition to the oral presentation, each student will submit a one page typed summary of their analysis. The page may be single spaced, and references may be on an additional page.

The summary should be a written version of the material presented orally, answer the same questions detailed above and be written in proper English.

A copy of the article being analyzed must accompany the written summary.

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