Management Aptitude Analysis

This Assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following outcome: GM500-1:

Evaluate the relevancy and value of historical management theory for use in a contemporary organizational context. Step 1 Learning Activity: Management Aptitude Questionnaire Preparing to become a more effective 21st Century manager begins by assessing management skills and aptitudes. Review the Aptitude Questionnaire in the section called “Apply Your Skills: Experiential Exercise” on pages 30–31 of the Daft textbook. Be honest with yourself and respond to the 18 questions. Tally and record your scores according to the instructions. Review the Reading section on Management Skills on pages 11–14.

Step 2 Assignment: Management Aptitude Analysis The next step is to write a 4-page (1,200 words) paper that analyzes your own management aptitude and management theories that you could apply in a contemporary organizational context. Review the grading rubric below for this Assignment before you begin writing your paper. You should draw from insights you gained from the Aptitude Questionnaire and from your textbook readings. Introduction: What is the objective or purpose in taking this self-assessment to identify management aptitude? Results: Explain your management aptitude scores and which management theory you can apply in a contemporary organizational context. Interpretation: Interpret and discuss which management theory skills you currently practice; analyze areas of strength and weakness.

Evaluate how this self-assessment adds value to your plans to identify and attain goals for future management performance. Conclusion: Under what conditions could your management weakness hinder your success as a leader or present challenges as a leader? Under what conditions would your management strengths be useful in an organizational situation? Which management skills do you think are most valuable and relevant in becoming an effective manager who can respond to organizational challenges in the 21st Century? Review the components below and the grading rubric for this Assignment before you begin writing your paper. Construct and write your paper with subheadings that connect to the key components below. This is a sound Unit 1 [GM500: Management Theories and Practices I] v.1801D Page 2 of 3 Subheadings

● Introduction

● Results

● Interpretation

● Conclusion

● Reference Page Components

● Your Assignment should have a cover sheet with the following information: Title of the paper, your name, course number and section number, and date.

● It must be a minimum of 4 pages (1,200 words) long (excluding title page, references, etc.).

● Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion.

● Be sure to include the criteria located in the rubric below within your paper.

● It must be APA 6th edition formatted with citations to your sources and your last page should list all references used. Review APA format found in the Writing Center and utilize the APA Guidelines Summary found in Course Documents under Course Resources. ● You must use at least two scholarly, high quality, and current sources in addition to your course materials. Peer-reviewed academic articles, articles published in journals, textbooks, and library resources found in the “ABI/Inform Collection” database from the Library are examples of high-quality resources.

● Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are not considered as reliable resources for this research. Be sure to utilize the APA Guidelines Summary document located in Course Documents. How to Access the ABI/Inform database, selecting peer-reviewed journal articles:

1. Locate the Library link from Academic Resources.

2. Scroll midway down the page and locate “ABI/Inform Collection.”

3. Make sure “Full text” and “Peer Reviewed” are checked.

4. Enter your key word in the search area and select the search button.

5. Under Source Type, select Scholarly Journals. Under Course Documents, you will find the “How to Access the Inform Database” video to learn more on how to access and search using the database along with additional resources. If you prefer, you can bypass this and go directly to the close captioning video. 

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