Management Agreement

1 points 


A lease in which all of the operating expenses are passed through to the tenant is called a:

a.triple net lease

b.CAM lease

c.gross leased

d.shadow lease


A maintenance employee assaulted one of the tenants in a building that Clive manages. Clive hired and supervised the employee. Regarding Clive’s potential liability in connection with this incident, which of the following is correct?

a.Clive can’t be held liable because he didn’t authorize the employee’s action

b.Clive’s liability is likely to depend on whether he was negligent in his hiring, supervision, or retention of the employee

c.Clive can be held liable only if he failed to do a criminal background check when the employee was hired

d.Clive can be held liable only if he participated in the incident, benefited from it in some way, or assisted the employee after the fact


A maintenance request form for tenants to fill out should include: estimate of how long the work is likely to take

b.a hold harmless clause, protecting the manager against liability for work negligently performed order and purchase order numbers, if applicabled.

d. an authorization for entry into the tenant’s rental space or unit, to be signed by the tenant

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