Logistic Advantage

Question 1

1.1 Outline and discuss the supply chain information technology systems that can be used in minimising supply chain complexities.

1.2 The bullwhip effect is also discussed as one of the challenges faced in a supply chain. With the aid of a diagram discuss the bullwhip effect and illustrate its causes, implications and how it can be prevented from occuring.

1.3 Considering the challenges given in this case, discuss the impact of product compliance, trade controls and continually changing government regulations to the common issues posed in the case.

Question 2

 Discuss in detail the elements/dimensions of customer service from a logistics view point. Your response should make use of any organisation of your choice.

Question 3

With the aid of a diagram, discuss the various steps required to create a logistics advantage in an organisation of your choice.

Question 4

On 29th January 2019, the Human Rights Commission issued a statement of its findings following its investigations on the unrest at the University of Zambia (UNZA) which led to the death of a female student, Vespers Shimuzhila. Is the Commission’s statement adequate? Critically discuss with reference to the Commission’s mandate.

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