Live System

Question 1

What are some tools that can be used to generate reports and gather information from a database or data warehouse?

Do data warehouses only store historical data? In other words, can they ever be used to run a live system?

Is there any disadvantages of using a cloud based database?

Question 2


This program allows the user to interact with the Videos database in three different ways: by using a navigator to see various information about a video in the table, by searching for movies from a specific star, and by showing a list of companies with the number of movies produced. When adding the database to your project, be sure to choose the option to copy the file into your project folder so I can run your program. These three options should be on three different tabs in the application

Question 3

Imagine you needed to scale the sample restaurants database to accommodate a larger chain. Here are some of the features this new chain will need:

  • Constant access to a list of active orders, and the ingredients in them.
  • Live inventory reporting.
  • Monthly reporting on most frequently used ingredients.

After reviewing the current schema of the sample database, think of at least 3 types of queries that would need to be added or changed to add the features mentioned above. In a 1-2-page paper, explain how these new queries would display the data needed by the larger chain and provide examples of each query.

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