Literary Survey Videos

Question 1

Prior to completing this discussion, please read Chapters 9, 10 and Section 15.1 in the textbook and the Development of Preschool Children .Additionally, watch the Montessori Vs Conventional Schools  and Exploring Borderlands–American Passages: A Literary Survey videos.

In this post of a minimum of 300 words, you will explore the role of community agencies (more specifically, schools) in developing the optimum learning and pro-social behavior of children.

Question 2

Task 1: Use the Human Development Index (HDI)  to investigate the HDI of three countries, each one in different regions of the world.

Task 2: Create a product of learning** that shows a comparison of the HDI and specific HDI indicators across each of the countries and indicate clearly how those indicators represent systems that impact the development of children and adolescent globally.

**Possible products of learning include creation of infographics –e.g., programs like Canva, Picktochart , Visme , virtual interactive posters- (Glogste , ThingLink, PosterMyWall OR the composition of a comparison paper (3-5 pages with citations and bibliography)..

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