Linear Algebra


A. Explain the general relationship between abstract algebra and linear algebra. Discuss how it is possible to considerably shorten the list of properties that define a vector space by using definitions from abstract algebra.


what role does culture play in international expansion by a corporation?  

Minimum 200 words


  Question 16.28               Statistical   Data:       Lengths:   x = 38.00,s2x = 193.90      Test:   y = 13.80, s2x = 47.96      n   = 60, s2x = 51.86               

a.   What is the standard error of estimate? Interpret its value.  

 b.   Describe how well the memory test scores and length of television commercial   are linearly related?   

c.   Are the memory test scores and length of commercial linearly related? Test   using a 5% significance level.  

 d.   Estimate the slope coefficient with 90% confidence.   


Using the data set create a project schedule using normal times. Determine the order in which you would crash the project one day, two days, and so on until it is in an all-crash mode. Identify how much it would cost for each day you crash the schedule. 

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