Liabilities and Equity



You may be following your stock every day, but if you’re not, for Week 8 you must:

  1. Record the current price of the stock for each company you selected in Week 3’s Stock Journal.You may use any price during this week (e.g., day one price, the opening, the low, the high, the close, or any price you find when you check it during the day). Using MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Word document, put your Week 3 and Week 8 stock prices side-by-side, to show your comparison.
  2. Determine the current value of your total investment. Do not make any changes to your investment at this time. Calculate your total based on the number of shares and the new price per share, for each company.
  3. Provide your opinion / assessment of your investments. Evaluate the results of your current investment. Are you happy with the result and the trend? Are you upset because you’re investment is worth less than $25,000. Feel free to speculate / guess at why you believe the stock increased, decreased, or remained static.

Your final journal assignment will be to report the final value of your shares in Week 10.

Stock investment

Stock investment requires investors to take risk on available resources especially investment in the capital markets. Financial literacy is required for proper and sound investment plans. Investment in stocks is very risky due to constant fluctuations in market prices. Proper analysis is required for an individual to comprehend how the stock are flowing on stock exchange markets.

Given $25000, analyze companies in the stock exchange markets to get company which has stable and constant growth in shares. The analysis should consider New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and google finance. The company which has consistent growth in shares is an ideal for making investment in it.

The last amount $5000 will be invested in Duke Energy in which = 66.62 that will be 66 shares. The investor need to be keen to get better shares in the company to avoid getting into loses. Good investment will results in high performance of return of investment.


Complete the following homework scenario:

  • Select one (1) U.S. publicly traded company and review its most recent Annual Report. (You may use one (1) of the three (3) companies you selected for your Stock Journal assignment.)
    • Use the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to determine the changes in:
      • assets, liabilities, and equity
      • total revenue and net income
    • Briefly describe the change from the current and prior years in each of these key areas and determine if the changes would be positive or negative from an investor / stockholder’s view.

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