Legislative Bill

Question 1

Written assignment – Letter to the legislator

  1. Compose a letter to the legislator to convey the support or opposition of a current proposed legislative bill
  2. The letter should be one page and follow the APA guidelines for a legislative letter.
  3. Submit to Brightspace on a designated due date/time (see course schedule).
  4. The letter should:
    1. Be easily understood, succinct, and clear
    2. Follow the established legislative letter format
    3. Follow the grading rubric requirements and provided template
    **Rubric is attached

Please go to floridasenate.gov and pick up bill #1025 related to substance abuse

Address the letter to the senator of Florida in favor of heath care.

One page is the letter, the other page is for the references. APA style.

Question 2

The term liberalism, when applied to governments, is very different from the term liberalin America. Where liberalism implies a limited government, here in the United States a liberal is not usually seen as supporting a smaller government. This can be very confusing. In an effort to better understand these various meanings, we need to explore the variations within liberalism itself.

So who would like to explain how modern liberalism varies from classical liberalism? In addition, in what ways is classical liberalism similar to conservatism today?

Remember to use an outside resource in the main post (250 words), which needs to be on or before Wednesday. Make sure to review the discussion rubric as a reference when you are writing your discussion posts. If you have any questions, please post in Q&A forum, or email me. I look forward to your posts!


Jones, W. P. (2018, April/May). Freedom for every citizen: The missed opportunity of the Kerner Report. Nation, 306(13), 32-34. 

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