Legal Research

Question 1

Jennifer Jones, the owner of Maid4U, has called the firm and told your managing partner that her accountant suggested she look into forming an LLC for her business. The operations and structure of the business have not changed since your last contact with her.

Your managing partner has requested that you perform legal research and then draft a letter to Jennifer for his review and signature in which you: (1) identify and explain the types of legal liability that Jennifer faces as owner of Maid4U, (2) discuss what an LLC is and how forming one could and could not help to limit Jennifer’s personal liability, (3) lists the requirements necessary to form an LLC in the city and state where you live, and (4) makes a recommendation as to whether or not Jennifer should form an LLC.

Your memo should be 2-3 pages in length. Format citations and references per Harvard Blue Book rules.

Question 2

As a member of the “Anytown, USA” mayor’s executive staff, your 5-term mayor just returned from a newly mandated ethics training program required for all elected officials. Although he has been the mayor for more than 20 years, Mayor Tom Jones is somewhat confused about the status of Anytown’s ethics policy and requests that you prepare a brief confidential memorandum “for his eye’s only” describing the advantages and disadvantages of codes of ethics. He also wants to know what you conclude from your analysis about the usefulness of such documents for public entities.Formatting Consideration: If you explain “best practices” in a memorandum, i.e., use research, format them in typical APA Style. You can use first person in such contexts; just blend the information into the memorandum’s body as you would in a research paper.

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