Legal Drugs

Question 1

Choose a substance, or group of substances, that you would like to learn more about from the following selection:

  • Stimulants
  • Painkillers
  • Legal drugs
  • Cannabis
  • Designer drugs

Then, view one of the following embedded videos that address the substance you have chosen.

Describe the effects of the substance on consciousness, the experience of this type of addiction, as well as current interventions.

Your paper should be one to two pages in length. Employ APA style and double space, indent paragraphs, cite references within the paper and at the end in a reference section.

Arte France. (2005). Stimulants: The mechanics of pleasure [Video file]. Films on Demand LAP 100 Module 2. (51:38)

Question 2

You are a second-generation immigrant to the United States; you have a good education and you work hard at your management position at an automobile factory. Life is good. Unfortunately, your life changes drastically when you are plummeted into poverty by the stock market crash, may lose your job any day, and now have to live in a one bedroom apartment with seven of your family members. It is 1932 and you have followed the campaigns of Roosevelt and Hoover closely on the radio. You believe life will change. Write a letter, in 500 words or less, to your great aunt who stayed behind in Europe, and explain your lifestyle and how it changed when the market crashed. Tell her how you now feel about the future with the impending election.

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