Learning Styles

Then respond to at least one peer from the opposite group with a critical evaluation of his or her argument. Propose one or more counter-examples to highlight weaknesses of the disputed argument, or ask for additional evidence to support your viewpoint.

By:Brian Wilson 

We all like to think we have a particular way of learning.  “If I see it I will understand all about it.” or “If I can hear about it will sink in right away.”  Bottom line we do not need to place emphasis on the particular learning styles of the different students in the room.  In fact, according to the video he summarizes, “that some people have a better visual memory than other people. And other people are better at learning auditory material than other people are.  But the fact isn’t really all that important for teachers because most of what teachers want students to learn is not particularly visual or auditory or kinesthetic. Most of what teachers want teachers to learn is based on meaning.” (4:31-4:51)  Some students may get an “Aha” moment with one or another style but not so much as teaching with that particular style the whole time.  As teachers we should teach to the class with the idea of reaching out to those who may have the “moments of clarity” with a particular teaching style.  Researchers found in the article, Critical Thinking Skills and Learning Styles in Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy Students  “Examining the relationship between critical thinking and learning styles may help educators create curricula that better accommodate different learning styles, thereby facilitating the development of critical thinking skills in students.” (Brudvig, T., Mattson, PT. & Guarino, A. 20 16. p. 4)  As much as we would like to think we are a better learner by getting hands on or hearing someone read the information we are not.  The video wraps it up best, “Good teaching is teaching, teachers do not need to adjust to individual learning styles” (6:50)

I always thought I was a hand’s on or practice type of learner.  But after reading the article and text maybe it was just the Ah hah or moments of clarity based on what was going on at the time.  It could have been something I heard but it did not click until I read about it or practiced doing it.  I personally thought I was a kinesthetic learner.

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