Learning Methods

Question 1

Written Assignment: Professional Identity as a Teacher

As a developing, and soon to be new teacher, you will be asked to articulate your professional identity as a teacher and the responsibilities and strategies for on-going professional development as a part of the Residency Capstone.

Discuss in 3-4 page paper who you are right now as a Resident aspiring to be a teacher. 
What type of classroom practices and professional development inform your teaching? Discuss your plan to continue as an informed reflective practitioner and life-long learner in your teaching. How does your teaching practice reflect equity, democracy, and diversity in both your lessons and classroom community? Use APA formatting and a title page and a minimum of three sources based on your readings.

Question 2

Select, describe and evaluate a software program appropriate for use with young children. Describe how you would integrate the software in a lesson plan to extend literacy experience, enhance divergent thinking and self-expression of young children. You do not need to submit the software, however, you must provide a detail description of the software and include the elements listed above. Use APA Style in referencing the software.

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