Leadership Behavior

Read the Yukl article from page 69 – 80 to gain a historical perspective on the research that has been done regarding leadership behavior theories. Yukl provides a taxonomy for organizing leadership behaviors.

For this activity, you will watch two episodes of Season One of the show “The Apprentice.” The two video scenarios you will use are linked below.

Before clicking on the links, consider the following scenario:

Donald Trump has asked you to write up an assessment of the leadership skills exhibited by two of his apprentices in the “Lemonade Stand Assignment.” He would like you to provide a written consultation of each of the lead apprentices explaining why their leadership styles and strategies were ineffective and what would have worked more effectively for the team. Identify the leadership behaviors that each lead apprentice employed based on Yukl’s Hierarchical Taxonomy.

Additionally, using Blake and Mouton’s Leadership Grid (see the figure below) explain where their performance placed them on the grid and, based on the characteristics of the team, where you would recommend they should have been on the grid to be more successful. Include leadership strategies that could have been employed to improve the work of specific individuals on the team.

Include leadership strategies that could have been employed to improve the work of the team as a whole. Use contemporary and historical leadership theories to support your recommendations.

There are to be two parts to the final report you will provide to The Donald: Ereka’s Leadership Assessment and Troy’s Leadership Assessment. Focus your assessment on the lead apprentice and their leadership abilities. Names of team members and leaders are listed below the links so that you can identify the teams.

To begin, watch the performance of the two apprentices that Mr. Trump has assigned to you:

PROTEGE TEAM: Leader – Ereka. Members – Tammy, Omarosa, Kristi, Amy, Heidi.

VERSACORP TEAM: Leader – Troy. Members – Kwame, Dave, Sam, Nick, Bill, Bowie, Jason.

This report is to be prepared using APA style (6th edition). The final report will be 5 – 6 pages (not counting title or reference pages). The Donald is counting on you!


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