Laws and Programs

Question 1

Select at least two scholarly journal articles to discuss the contemporary issue. You must also watch one video related to the problem/issue. The articles must be current (within the past three years). The video does not have to be within past three years. Provide a brief introduction of the paper and a brief overview of the issue and the theories selected to frame the issue.

  1. Discuss two policy implications and provide one recommendation for each implication that may address the issue.
  2. Select two potential theories, laws, or programs for your problem and final project
  3. Provide a brief synopsis of each theory, law or program.
  4. Discuss what you perceive as strengths and challenges to each theory, law, or program.
  5. Discuss how the theory frames, or is related to your potential solution/intervention (take a look at your final paper project at the bottom of “Begin Each Week Here” tab.
  6. Papers should have an introduction and conclusion. Your introduction should include the title of the articles, the two policy implications, the video titles and the overall structure of the paper.
  7. Your title and reference pages do not count towards your five-page paper requirement. You will have at least seven total pages.

You must use APA and have five complete pages and no more. You must have an APA cover page, but an abstract is not needed.

Question 2

What is the central theme – or message – of Ysujiro Ozu’s Tokyo Story, and how does he go about crafting it? Is this theme specific to Japanese culture, or is it more universal (or both)? Is it applicable to your life? Make sure to reference the course reading – and discuss at least one specific image, moment or scene – in your response.

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