Landscape Products

Interfacing with the Targeted Customers

In this Assignment you examine the target customer using your CSR Tool Belt including the life stages of the targeted customer. The better you are at understanding who the targeted customer is, the better you will understand their needs and wants so you can better attend to them. You will also use tool #3 concerning social networking tools as well as your website checklist and concern for the easy customer experience (tool #5). Read the scenario below and then apply what you have practiced to address the checklist items.

Read the scenario: A company in the United States (U.S.) is relatively new and is creating innovative recyclable garden and landscape products that are more resource efficient. A garden hose for instance that can be laid down between rows of plants and has sensors built in to determine when the ground has been sufficiently watered for the type of plant and soil conditions.

The company has not experienced sufficient sales of their environmentally-oriented products. They have advertised in gardening magazines or home magazines to no avail. They have a very sparse simple website but it really only allows customers to choose a product, order it, and call or email for customer service. They need you to suggest some customer-building strategies to help them out.

Website Checklist: Based on the scenario, respond to the checklist items.

  • Define the target customers (tool #1) and indicate the customer life stage practiced in the Learning Activities, and the generational type from your Reading. What life stage might they be in and why? What generational type applies and why?
  • Using the website checklist and social networking tools (Tools 3 and 5) discuss how you would apply these customer building strategies from the CSR Tool Belt and why.

Respond in an APA formatted and citation styled paper of a minimum of 250 words. Be sure to add an additional title and references page.



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