Juvenile References


8.70 Gender bias in textbooks. To what extent do textbooks on syntax (analysis of sentence structure) display gender bias? A study of this question sampled sentences from 10 texts. One part of the study examined the use of the words “girl,” “boy,” “man,” and “woman.” Call the first two words juvenile and the last two adult. Is the proportion of female references that are juvenile (“girl” rather than “woman”) equal to the proportion of male references that are juvenile (“boy” rather than “man”)? Here are data from one of the texts:

(a) Find the sample proportions of juvenile references for females and for males.

(b) Give a 95% confidence interval for the difference and briefly summarize what the data show.


Last week, you submitted a proposal for the design of a two-day workshop to train managers on how to use effective feedback skills when delivering one-on-one performance reviews to employees. Design a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation that would be used in this training workshop (excluding the title and reference slides). Use the features of PowerPoint to effectively present the material to managers. Create a professional visual using various design elements, such as: background, color, font style, animations, transitions, audio, images, etc. Include approximately 50 words of speaker notes on each slide (a total of approximately 750-1,000 words). These notes are the a facilitator’s script. Identify at least three specific learning objectives for this training (making any necessary modifications to the learning objectives that were submitted in the proposal last week).

Your introductory slide must include a clear and concise description of the training. Your presentation must also include citations and references from the Blanchard and Thacker (2013) text and at least three additional scholarly sources. Your final submission should include: 1) the PowerPoint with facilitator notes, and 2) a comprehensive APA-formatted Word transcript of all slide notes/ facilitator’s script (a total of approximately 750-1,000 words), including a reference page. 

As needed, use the How to create a power point presentation video for instructions and tips on how to create PowerPoint presentations and the PowerPoint 2010: Speaker notes video for instructions on how to create Speaker notes in PowerPoint presentations.

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