Job Announcements

Application Process Flowchart

Discuss the attributes of successful candidates and application process strategy for meeting correctional career challenges.

Research two job announcements in the correctional field from two different job banks or sources that align with your most desired, corrections-related position upon graduation from this program.

Design a 1-page flowchart, using either Microsoft® Visio® or Microsoft® Excel® software that clearly and logically identifies each of the sequential steps you will take to prepare and apply for one of your desired positions.

Reference any material used in your flowchart using APA format.

Application Process Paper

Write a 350- to 700-word paper detailing sources you would use if applying for a position detailed in any of the criminal justice field job announcements you chose. Include steps you would take in preparation for each phase of the typical employment process based on the design of your flowchart. Include the following in your paper:

Detail the three most important attributes of a successful candidate to a mock interviewer.

Explainthe process strategy for meeting the correctional career challenges based on the job announcements you chose.

Prepare at least three questions you would ask a mock hypothetical interviewer based on the job announcements you chose.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Attach a copy of both announcements or send the link for both job announcements along with your Application Process Flowchart and Application Process Paper

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