Introduction to Chemistry

Intro paragraph: explain the objective of essay. refer to as a teaser and get the reader excited about chemistry, briefly mention a few scientists that you thought were interesting and their discoveries.

A. How modern Chemistry evolved (past to future) how did modern chemistry change over time.

B. Include influential scientist

C. Matter and Energy
such as: States of matter;
elements, compounds, mixtures;
chemical formulas and name;
physical and chemical changes and properties;
conservation of mass;
conservation of energy.
(describe matter using the states of matter, what are some chemical and physical properties and changes. Distinguish between the 2. What is the chemical composition of matter? What are elements compounds and mixtures?How does conservation of mass/ energy fit in?)

D. Models of the Atom
such as Dalton, Thomson, Rutherfords model;
wave nature of an atom;
energy levels and sublevels
(what are the chief scientists that discovered the most important parts of the atom? Briefly describe their experiences. How do atoms act like waves? What do the waves tell us about an atom? how are energy levels associated with atoms? )

E. The periodic table
such as.. classification of elements;
periodic law;
groups and periods;
periodic trends (atomic radius, ionization energy, metallic character);
properties of elements (how elements have similar properties)
Ionic charges
(who made the periodic table? How are elements arranged? how are they classified? what is the periodic law? describe periodic trends such as atomic radius, metallic, and ionization energy. give examples. How can you predict properties based on the periodic table arrangement. What are other information can you get from the table?)

F. Describe your understanding of naming elements;
ionic/ molecular (binary/ternary)
(describe in own words how you name ionic and molecular elements and compounds)

G. Describe your understanding of chemical reactions
such as… evidence of a chemical reaction;
writing chemical reactions;
classifying chemical reactions
(Describing in own words what is a chemical reaction, how can you tell a chemical reaction occurred, what is the format of a chemical reaction and what are the types of chemical reactions?)

Summary: Sums up what we talked about and talk about personal feelings of chemistry (which i personally like chemistry but think it is extremely hard lol) Include other information besides what not mentioned that may get the reader interested about exploring more topics about chemistry.

(**If referencing any material in a book or online, we have to cite the information)

Times new roman
size 12 font
use subscripts to write chemical formulas
should be typed in impersonal form (the words “I” and “we” should not be in it.)

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