Interpreting a Data Set

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Interpreting a Data Set

In this assignment, you will interpret a data set with consumer insights for a product. It’s important that you are able to explain data in plain language to someone with little knowledge and/or understanding. Visuals are often helpful in interpreting data, so some of the assignment will also ask you to create visuals from the data set.

Answer the following two questions and write a short paragraph answering each question. Your paragraphs must use complete sentences, proper grammar, and plain & concise language. Your paragraphs should be double-spaced, using 11- or 12-point font. Each paragraph is worth 15 points: 10 points for content and structure and five points for grammar and language.

  • Characterize a typical user of the product, using the strongest (highest index) variables.
    • You should be using one variable from each category: gender, education, age, occupation, household income, and race.
    • Don’t just list numbers. Use the numbers to tell a story.
  • What are the three best websites/apps to use to reach these users and why?
    • Don’t just list numbers. Use the numbers to explain why these three websites/apps are the best choices.

Since visuals are also important to help readers understand data, you will need to create the following graphs/charts. Make sure you label everything and make the visual as easy to understand as possible. Use Excel to create your visuals, using the percentages given in the data set, and then copy them into your Word document. Include a brief (1-2 sentences) description for each. Each chart is worth 10 points – five points for the chart and five for the description.

  • Create a bar chart which presents the use of the product by age.
  • Create a pie chart which presents the use of the product by level of education.

NOTE: Include a header stating your name, section number, and instructor’s last name.

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