Internet Activity

Question 1

“You are required to select any product/service which you want to market online, and then prepare a mini marketing plan for it.

Tasks to perform:Once you have identified company/idea, you are required to write an Internet Marketing Plan for it. You MUST use the format supplied to you in the other file to fill in the information related to your product/service as part of the plan.

Submit a typed report of maximum 4-6 pages for the proposed Internet Marketing Plan for evaluation. References must be provided.

You must use the provided format of writing an e-marketing plan

Times new roman, 12 point, Double space.

Make sure to do your own work since TurnItin will be used to check for any plagiarism and if the similarity is more than 30%, you will get


This is the format and one more there’s a PPT about E-marketing.

Before do this can you watch PPT first??

Question 2

1.Why would a consumer go to the library instead of using the Internet for research?

2.How might e-marketers capitalize on consumer interest in relationships as an outcome of Internet activity?

Answer this question could be about One full page per question.

And the form is 12 point, double space, Times new roman.

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