International Response, Future Challenges, and Individual Responsibility

The assignment has two sections:

  • Section A: Short Critical Reflections (30 marks) (250 Words x 3 = 750 Words)
  • Section B: Essay (70 marks) (1000 Words)

Section A: Short Critical Reflections (30 marks)

Select one of the assigned readings in each topic in Module 2 and write a short critical reflection (about 250 words) for each (a total of three critical reflections; ten marks for each reflection).

The critical reflection should present your own thoughts and responses to the reading. Thus, it is an interaction between the ideas in the reading and your own interpretation and response to what you have read. The critical reflection is a polished piece of writing that will be assessed using the same criteria as any piece of writing. It should include an introduction, a body that presents your thoughts clearly and logically, and a conclusion. You may write in the first person but be sure to refer to some of the ideas that are introduced in the reading.

Reflection 1 – 250 words based on source below

Read “Canada’s Emissions Trends 2014 Report: Updates, Outcomes and Reflections” by Jason Dion, pages 1-9.

  • Dion, J. (2015, January). Canada’s emissions trends 2014 report: Updates, outcomes and reflections. International Institute for Sustainable Development. Retrieved from

Reflection 2 – 250 words based on source below –

Read Al Gore’s article “The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate.”

  • Gore, A. (2014, June 18). The turning point: New hope for the climate. Rolling Stone, 1212. Retrieved from

Reflection 3 – 250 words based on source below –

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

  • Gifford, R. (2013, July). Dragons, mules, and honeybees: Barriers, carriers, and unwitting enablers of climate change action. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 69(4), 41-48. doi: 10.1177/0096340213493258

Section B: Essay (70 marks)

Now that you have a general understanding of the international response to climate change, write an essay of 1000 words discussing some of the issues and challenges associated with creating an international agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Your essay must consider some of the problems already encountered with international agreements on climate change as well as ongoing challenges. Also consider the following questions: Should a new agreement be legally binding at the international level? Should all countries be treated equally? What action would you like to see Canada take on climate change? You may use content from the required readings, but you must include at least two new references.

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