International Business 01

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Part One: Discussion – Contemporary Causes of Globalization – DUE : Tomorrow Tuesday 11/14/17

(Only needs to be 150 words)

In today’s varied global markets there are several issues to consider including but not limited to politics, technology, laws and regulations, and cultural differences. These issues can be strengths and/or weaknesses to a company. It is important to evaluate these issues and determine how they affect our business.

For your discussion:

  • Identify a specific international company
  • Identify and analyze three causes for its globalization
    • This can be done by sharing strengths and weaknesses

Part Two: Discussion – Expansion Decisions – DUE : Tomorrow Tuesday 11/14/17

(Only needs to be 150 words)

Assume that you work for a company as a VP of operations. You are tasked to look at the possibility of expanding into one of two countries with both manufacturing and distribution centers located in this country.

  • Country A is classified as a high income country with 250 million people in it. The technology base is solid but natural resources (wood, farming, iron, etc.) are somewhat limited.
  • Country B has 800 million people and is classified as middle-income. Resources in this country are favorable, but the government is somewhat hesitant on letting foreign companies in to operate.

Which country would you recommend expansion into and why?

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