Internal Organization

Write 1 page single space for each of the following questions.

1. Explain J. Milton Yinger’s comment: “It is the conviction of many thoughtful person

that the objective study of religion is at best impossible and at worst dangerous.”

2. Detail the history of the sociology of religion using the perspectives of Durkheim,

Marx, Weber, Freud, et. als., and give an example of their understanding of religion as

well as their contribution to sociology.

3. Using as your source the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” use O’Dea’s’ functions of

religion to discuss the reciprocal effect of religion upon society and society’s use of

religion to make sacred their secular values.

4. Why is there a need for religion? What are O’Dea’s six major functions of religion?

Elaborate (give an example) upon each.

5. Describe and evaluate the five major worldviews. Which religions belong to each?

How do they perceive God? How to they view their own members and others. Where

does power and authority derive from within their organizations? How do they define

ethical behavior?

6. Differentiate between Church, Sect, Denomination and Cult. Describe for each their

typical internal organization, their relationship to the State, their attitude toward society,

their attitude to other religious groups, their style of worship and their social class

membership. Give an example for each.

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