Internal Control System

Question 1

Review the Robatelli’s Pizzeria Case Study.

Develop another internal controls system, but this time, in the purchases and fixed assets business areas.

Prepare a 12- to 16-slide presentation describing the purchases and fixed assets business areas.

Include any associated risk in these areas.

Describe specific internal controls that include authorization of transactions, segregation of duties, adequate records and documentation, security of assets, and independent checks and reconciliation for each business area.

Submit your assignment.

Question 2

Conduct an analysis of the DHS headquarters directorate and operating agencies.

  • Select 2 of these agencies or directorates.
  • Identify potential areas of cross jurisdiction or mission area overlap. In the analysis, present a summary of why or why not these overlaps are conflicting, contradictive, or nonsupportive of the DHS missions.
  • Compare and contrast information and analysis with classmates’ postings.

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