Internal Attack

Question 1

Computer security experts devote their time and energy to the protection of sensitive data and the prevention of an outside attack on the internal network. They specialize in building secure firewalls as well as complex intrusion detection systems designed to keep intruders out. They watch and monitor the incoming message traffic very closely. But no matter how well they protect the private network from outside access without proper authority, they do not help prevent an attack by a malicious or disgruntled employee from the inside. And they cannot prevent breaches due to a simple lack of understanding of security policy by internal employees.

Assess the best practices for securing Microsoft Windows

Question 2

In approximately 300 words each, answer the questions below. Follow APA guidelines.

1) What differences and similarities would be present in account life cycle management for a company with 50 employees versus a company with 5,000 employees?

2) In your own words, explain how good security requirements act as a complement to threat modeling.

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