Interactive Instruction

Question 1

For this benchmark, you will be creating two children’s informational text lesson plans to teach from three different strands of the Common Core Standards based on the same informational text selection.

Use your Class Profile as background information on your students. Utilize an informational text listed in Appendix B of the Common Core Standards.

Create two formal lesson plans utilizing the COE Lesson Plan template. Each lesson must include a combination of instructional strategies that are best suited for the lesson and the needs of the students. Though it is not necessary to use all six of the strategies below, each chosen strategy should provide opportunities for all students to succeed.  

  1. Direct instruction
  2. Indirect instruction
  3. Collaborative learning
  4. Experiential learning
  5. Independent study
  6. Interactive instruction

While the two lesson plans share a theme, each lesson plan must be completed and submitted as a separate lesson plan.

Question 2

Read about the ongoing debate over the use of genetically modified (GM) food. What are the benefits and dangers of producing and consuming foods that have been genetically modified? You will write an argumentative essay in your own words supporting either side of the debate in which you argue for or against the use of GM food.

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