Intelligence Case Analysis


The brief will not exceed two typewritten, double spaced pages in outline format with “bullets” identifying key issues only – no essays! It will also address the very same questions assigned to the case for class discussion purposes as well (see questions listed for each case in the respective session elsewhere in the syllabus).

Case Study Questions:

  1. Katrina Lake (K-L) struggled to raise money for her venture and secured only $42 million while a competitor secured $2 billion. What factors might explain the difference? What could she have done differently to address the gaps?
  2. K-L looked at three different industries to create her business model (retial, personal stylists, subscription services). What were the salient attributes she drew from each segment? Applying a Blue Ocean framework, how would you characterize her actions (use the Four Actions Framework)?
  3. If you look at the industry configuration at the end of the case, what do you think the future might hold for Stitch Fix? What changes would you recommend that K-L consider as she navigates the company strategy? ——————————————————————————————————————- PLEASE read the Artificial Intelligence case very well and answer the above question based on the slides. NO OUTSIDE resourced

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