Integration Plan

Your assignment this week is to write a Technology Integration Plan for a classroom. This plan will include how you will integrate the available technology in your classroom for one unit. You have 24 students in your classroom.  You may select the age level and the curricular area for your plan. You may decide to select a cross-curricular project if it fits the situation and the age level of your students.

Available technology in your classroom:

  • 8 computers- all are connected to your network and to the Internet
  • access to a computer lab of 25 computers and a mobile lab of 25 laptops
  • All computers have a basic set of software including what comes preinstalled with the computer and other basics like Microsoft Office and Inspiration.  You can assume all the software from week 6’s assignment is included. 
  • Data Projector: mounted and connected to teacher laptop workstation. (The teacher workstation is in addition to the 8 computers.)
  • Wall mounted Interactive White Board (There are several companies that manufacture interactive white boards. If you are not familiar with this device, please visit SMART Technologies or Promethean  for an overview of how they work and the opportunities they offer.)
  • Document Camera
  • Digital Cameras/ Video Cameras- They are multifunction devices that can take photos or videos
  • Printer

Your Technology Integration Plan must include:

  1. Learner Objectives that include measurable outcomes. Please include objectives that go beyond Knowledge acquisition.
  2. Collaboration among the students.
  3. Computers must be included in the lesson. They should be used as a learning tool. The computers should not be used simply to teach a technology skill (i.e. How to use Power Point), although the students may learn a new skill or improve existing skills by completing the lesson.
  4. A minimum of one online resource which you provide for the students.
  5. Instructor or student use of data projector and interactive white board.
  6. A layout of the classroom. This is not intended to be a “fancy” drawing. It can be very simple and easily done in word by using the drawing tools. You can use numbers or symbols to designate where things are located and include a legend for their description. You might think of using Inspiration to draw the layout.  It’s fun to use and you can export the entire drawing into Word! Be sure to include where the teacher workstation is located, the Interactive White Board, 8 student computers, seating for 24 students.
  7. Description of the lesson. This is an important part of your lesson plan. What are the students asked to do? How long is the lesson: 1 hour or 2 weeks? What resources (including worksheets, books, online resources, etc.) are your students using and how?
  8. Evaluation of student learning. How will you evaluate student learning: a written test, performance event, project? Include any written tests or scoring guides you would use.
  9. Standards: Include any local or state curricular standards that are being met through this lesson as well as the ISTE NETS for Students standards. (Most state standards are online and can be found through the state department of education. Many local school district standards are also online for review. For higher ed, use a standard set by your university Look back at the week 1 resources if you need to.)
  10. The additional hardware and software that is available in your classroom may be used in your lesson, but that is up to you. Please be sure to specify if you are incorporating it into your lesson.

Post your assignment to the discussion board by midnight on Friday. There is no peer review required for this assignment.

Hints for Success:

  • Please do not turn in a lesson that you have used in a different class. This should be a new lesson that uses the knowledge and expertise you have gained during this class.
  • There are many excellent online resources and instructional ideas that have been shared throughout the class in our weekly discussion boards and on the Integrating Ed Tech discussion board. Feel free to use any of them in your lesson.
  • You do not have to “re-invent the wheel”. If you find a lesson or webquest online that is appropriate, then use it. It should be timely and appropriate for the class situation you have chosen and you MUST give credit in your report to the creator and the location of the lesson. You will still need to complete the other requirements of the assignment.

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