Integrated Marketing Strategy


(1) A test administered to 300. Math 111 students. The results were approx normally distributed with mean 82 n standard deviation 6. Find a value for x such that 75% of the scores are above x.

(2) Bill is taking a 20 question True/false test. If he guesses on each question what is the probability that he
A will get exactly 13 question right? Use normal approximation for this binomial
B will get at least 13 questions correct? Use a normal approximation for this binomial
C will get at most 7 correct? Use normal approximation for this binomial


“Aspects of Human Resources Management and Marketing Strategies”  Please respond to the following:

  • Appraise the key functions of Human Resources Management (HRM) and state your opinion as to whether or not HRM should be part of the strategic planning process for medical group practices. Support your rationale with specific examples.
  • Evaluate the importance of effective marketing for medical practices. Recommend three (3) specific factors that a practice administrator should consider when creating a marketing plan for a medical group practice. Justify your recommendations.

150 words 

Please add citation and references   

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