Infection Control

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Week 1

Reflect on the infections or illnesses you learned about this week. Choose one that you had previously heard of before this class. Compare and contrast the information you knew about this infection or illness before the class to what new, or more specific, information you learned about it this week.

The format for writing scientific names is standardized and internationally accepted. I will expect scientific names to be written correctly in your posts and assignments. Scientific names consist of the genus and species (and possible subspecies). The genus must be written out if first used; the genus is always capitalized; if used twice in the same article, the genus can be abbreviated with a capital letter. Both the genus and species are in italics. The species name is never written by itself, the genus name (or the abbreviated capital letter) must be written before it.  An example is: Homo sapiens. or H. sapiens. Questions are welcome on this topic.

I expect the use of resources in your discussion posts and the laboratory worksheets if facts are used; always back your facts with a source. Consider using citations and references. APA formatting techniques would be appreciated although MLA-styled formatting would be accepted too.

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