Income Needs

Question 1

How would the asset allocation differ between a 25 year-old who is saving for retirement and a 67 year-old who is beginning retirement?

Be sure to provide the following:

  • Give a reasonable stock-to-bond ratio for each investor.
  • Explain your allocation.

Focus your discussion on the following:

  • Asset allocation
  • Time horizon
  • Ability to assume risk
  • Earning capacity
  • Income needs

Question 2

Investment Paper Analysis between Wells Fargo and PNC for the last five years. You will have to compute all the necessary ratios in other to determine the better company to invest in. You should be able to evaluate the P/E, ROE, ROA and many more comparing both companies and how they are performing in the stock and bonds market.

Complete this in a 4-5 power point slide with very good interpretation of ratios

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