Incidental Findings


This should interpret the preliminary findings. What do the results mean? How can the findings be used? How do the conclusions tie to the literature? Did the results include discovering some incidental findings? (If so, explain them). Did you find the results unexpected? Unsettling? Explain your results in terms that would inform the director’s decisions regarding public health policies and programs.


Based on what you have learned from the results, what do you recommend should be the next steps? (HINT: One recommendation is always more research!)


Cover Page–including the title of your project and the names of everyone on the team who contributed to the project

Executive Summary

This is not the same thing as an abstract!! In an Executive Summary, the researcher needs to summarize the project into a memo that does not exceed two single-spaced pages (three pages double-spaced). It should include the research problem, brief summary of methodology, brief summary of results, and summary of conclusions and recommendations. While the rest of the paper is written in a scholarly writing style, the executive summary should be written in a business writing style. Think of this executive summary as a “quick look” at the proposal and should be convincing, objective, and compelling.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Literature Review

Chapter III: Methodology

Chapter IV: Preliminary Conclusions and Recommendations

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