Implementation Barriers

Question 1

The student will generate a piece of work focusing on an area of interest around their practice they wish to explore further. Using the steps of the evidence-based practice framework they will formulate a searchable, answerable question relating to the topic of interest. They will identify the best available evidence to underpin practice in the given area. The quality of the evidence will be established using a hierarchy table (s) and appraised using agreed critiquing protocols. Evidence to inform practice will be presented including a strategic plan detailing how the evidence could be integrated into practice. Barriers and facilitators to integration will be addressed. Tools to implement, evaluate and monitor outcomes of the initiative will be discussed and strategies to disseminate identified.

Online/participation activities:

Activity 1- Provide summary of key components of clinically related question (5 marks).

Activity 2- Populate synthesis table with evidence amassed (10 marks).

Activity 3- Summarize key implementation barriers and enablers (5 marks).

Question 2

Agora Berhad is in the process of choosing the better of two mutually exclusive projects. The relevant cash flow is given and firm’s cost of capital is 14%

Project MProject N
Initial Investment(RM 28 500)(RM 30 000)
YearCash inflows
110 00011 000
210 00010 000
310 0009 000
410 0008 000

Calculate each project

  1. Payback period
  2. Net present value
  3. Profitability index

d) Which project that company must choose? Justify your answer?

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