Immigration Law

US Immigration Law Assignment 1 (6 Questions)

When it comes to immigration, visas are a large part of the immigration law practice. You are a senior paralegal in an immigration law firm. You have been tasked with preparing a presentation that will include the following:

1. An explanation of requirements for visas for temporary workers

2. The forms that are utilized for filing for a visa for a temporary worker

3. An explanation of the requirements for a temporary visa for a student

4. The forms that are required for the filing of temporary visa for a student

5. An explanation of the distinctions between non-immigrant visas and immigrant visas.

6. A summary of on point, recent laws governing visa policies and procedures. Present your work in power point format.

US Immigration Law Assignment 2 (6 Questions)

  1. Compare and contrast the distinctions between having a green card and becoming a citizen.
  2. Address the benefits and limitations associated with each.
  3. From there, describe the process for obtaining a green card and for seeking citizenship and Address the eligibility requirements for each.
  4. Address how the naturalization test has recently changed.
  5. Cite on point applications that must be completed and laws/regulations on point with green cards and citizenship.
  6. In conclusion, address how citizenship can be lost and the potential implications associated with a loss of citizenship.

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