Illiterate People

Question 1

For Gerhard Lenski, the key to human progress is



c)mastery of language.

d)logic and writing.

Question 2

Lenski proposed four levels of technological progress. The fourth level began in the context of the



c)Industrial Revolution.


Question 3 

Concerns about the military-industrial complex and its threat to America’s democratic institutions were first introduced to the public by

a)Dwight Eisenhower.

b)Richard Nixon.

c)George H. W. Bush.

d)Ronald Reagan.

Question 4 

One primary argument against the use of nuclear fission for generating energy is the

a)risk of a core meltdown.

b)possibility of water pollution.

c)accumulation of lethal radioactive waste.

d)infinite supply of uranium.

Question 5 

According to Leslie White, the key to human progress is

a)controlling population.

b)mastering technology.

c)domesticating animals.

d)harnessing energy.

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