Illegal Behavior

Question 1

social networking is one of the largest and most frequent IT security risk at your company , The CEO wants a Microsoft power point awareness presentation with an information guide handout for the senior IT employees . this presentation will be shown at all company location.

need a 6 slide power point and it must include the following

Data security, hackers key term, Deterring unethical and illegal behavior . identify the types and targets of computer crime, recognize ethical issues related to information security, operations security control and physical security threats,

create a 1 page Microsoft word information guide presentation must include the following.

goals and objectives of the presentation summary form

adequate reference to support the findings

2 outside academic references

apa forming

Question 2

Analyze network security threats, risks, and solutions presented by mobile devices in BYOD workplaces.

Do the following:

  • Analyze three common security threats for enterprises employing a BYOD policy.
  • Explain the risk factors associated with mobile device security threats.
  • Analyze how two significant features of a specific mobile OS keep their devices secure

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