Identical Populations

Figure the approximate power of a t test for independent means for each of the following planned studies:
Number of People one or two in Each Group tailed effect size

(a) 60 1 Small (.20)

(b) 60 2 Large (.80)

(c) 10 2 Medium (.50)

(d) 100 2 Medium (.50)

Make up two examples of studies (not in the book or from your lectures) that would be tested with a t test for independent means.

For each of the following studies, decide whether you can reject the null hypothesis that the groups come from identical populations. Use the .05 level.
(a) Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
N 5 5 5
M 10 12 14
S2 4 6 5
(b) Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
n 10 10 10
M 10 12 14
S2 4 6 5 


Drawing a Card
If one card is drawn from a deck, find the probability of getting these results.
a. an ace
b. a diamond
c. an ace of diamonds
d. a 4 or 6
e. a 4 or a club
f. a 6 or a spade
g. a heart or a club
h. a red queen
i. a red card or a 7
j. a black card and a 10
Also what are the rules for each of these? 

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