Hypothetical Scenario

Your term project will consist of the following hypothetical scenario:

Akron Manufacturing is a moderately sized tool and die company located in Akron, Ohio. The company has been using the airlines to transport their high level executives to their three satellite locations in Aurora, IL, Renton, WA, and Opa Locka, FL. Each week, seven company executives must visit these three satellite locations. Problems are starting to add up as the CEO and his associates have noticed that not only is the cost adding up (approximately $75,000 per month in first class airline tickets) but productivity is significantly decreased because the executives have to make airport connections, transport from ORD, SEA, and MIA to the actual business locations, and many times cannot travel out and back the same day due to the airlines’ schedule. This also adds to travel expenses as hotels, food, and ground transportation have to be figured into the expense equation (approximately $15,000 additional dollars per month). The CEO has had enough. Since he has no prior aviation experience, he has asked you to draft a proposal that would make sense. He needs all of your expertise to help his company to be more productive and hopefully save money.

The CEO wants to make sure he knows as much as possible before committing to anything. Make sure that you address such important areas as:

What type of aircraft do you think would best serve the travel needs of the company?

What on-demand aviation method will best suit the situation?

What are the costs? (acquisition, monthly, training, maintenance, hangar, crew, insurance, fuel, etc) Assume the aircraft will fly 80 hours per month.

How do the overall costs compare to the airlines?

You are to write a business proposal. Your goal is to impress the CEO with your aviation and business knowledge. You are free to choose the style and format of the proposal. Keep in mind that you will be graded for sound recommendation based on concrete research, and professional presentation. Feel free to use pictures, graphs, charts etc…just do not over do it with the pictures.  The term project should be a minimum of five (5) pages.

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