Hypotheses Practice


Alternative and Null Hypotheses, Type 1 and Type II Errors, One-Sample z-Test, Confidence, Power, and Effect Size. These are the topics of last week’s module.

Your assignment is to create the quiz that you and your classmates could take to test whether you all understand these concepts.

You need to to create a 25 point quiz. It can include open-ended questions, multiple choice, or other question types. How you structure this is bounded only by your imagination.

As part of your assignment, you need to supply the questions, and the correct answers, AND you also need to provide feedback for each question for anyone taking the quiz in the event they get the answer wrong.

Observance of plagiarism restrictions applies to this exercise, which means you cannot simply go to PsycLearn, or any other source, and lift a question intact and submit it as your own. However, you can look to those sources for inspiration as to the kind of questions people should be able to answer when they have completed the module. Moreover, when explaining what the correct answer should be, the words need to be your own.

Your grade for this assignment will be determined by how well you demonstrate breadth and depth of understanding of the content in this module by the questions you choose to include, the feedback you give, and whether you yourself answer your questions correctly.

  • That means there is not an exact correct number of questions to include in your quiz, but you want the ones you include to be sufficient to cover the important points made in this module (you can look to the learning objectives in Psychology, Learn for guidance on what those points are).
  • This also means that the feedback you offer the test-taker explaining why the correct answer is correct needs to be clear and correctly explain the concept.

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