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Resource: Gamescape Episode 5

Complete Episode 5: “Building a Positive Environmental Legacy” of Gamescape.

Answer the following questions. Each response should be one to three sentences in length under the question!!! 

  • Describe how you would BALANCE the needs of Sparksville’s environment and economy. Explain your reasoning.
  • Based on your experience of 25 years in Sparksville (and choices you made to BALANCE the ecosytem) and this course, what do you consider to be the key principles required to reach sustainability?

5 additional questions that are in the game at least 100 word answers. This is separate from the above answers! These answers to the questions below are opinion based ONLY!!

1. In your own words, explain the reasoning behind these key principles for sustainable development.

2 Describe how you would BALANCE

 the needs of sparksville’s environment and economy, explain your reasoning?

3. What did you conclude about your efforts to balance the environment, economy, and citizen approval in Larry’s computer model did the model produce the results you expected?

4. Based on your experience of 25 years as mayor in Sparksville, what do you consider to be the key principles required to determine a sustainability plan?

5. Beyond the gamescape, describe the community you live in and explain how you would apply your new understanding of sustainability to your own community.

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