Human Resource Management

“Strategic management as a discipline originated in the 1950s and 60s. There were many great companies established prior to this period and survive till today. With or without strategic management does not make significance difference to the success of the company”. Critically evaluate this statement.

Question 1

Beardwell and Holden (1998) laid out four principal perspectives on Human Resource Management that typically carried out by any HR department.

  1. Define and discuss these FOUR (4) perspectives on human resource management in detail. (25 marks)
  2. With reference to your organization (or any organization you are familiar with), which perspective(s) are currently being displayed and then comment on its effectiveness? Justify your answer. (25 marks)

Question 2

HR department operations vary by size and sector. With a graphical representation (i.e. diagram) illustrate the HR organizational chart of your current workplace (or workplace/organization of your choice).

  1. Name and describe in detail each of the functions of the different HR personnel that is listed n the HR organizational chart. (10 marks)
  2. Evaluate the HR department operations by commenting on its strength(s) and weakness(es). (20 marks)
  3. If you are the newly appointed leader in the HR department, recommend improvements to the weakness (es) identified in (b). (20 marks)

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