Human Resilience

Question 1 

In transition theory, the main factor in the reduction of death rates is

a)rising access to education.

b)availability of preventive health care.

c)accessibility of pediatric care.

d)improving food technologies and production.

Question 2

Thomas Malthus proposed a list of preventive and positive measures to control population growth. Which of these would Malthus call a positive check?

a)Refraining from sexual intercourse on a regular basis

b)Postponing marriage until later on in life

c)Planning to create a smaller family

d)Being prepared to cope with extreme poverty and malnutrition

Question 3 

In the modern world, how many countries are believed to be in Stage 1 of demographic transition?





Question 4

Paul Ehrlich updated his early projections because his original ideas underestimated

a)immigration figures.

b)capitalist gains.

c)human resilience.

d)political instability.

Question 5

Malthus was incorrect on a key assumption. It turns out that as a population’s standard of living increases, birth rates





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