Human Carrying Capacity

1) According to demographer Joel Cohen, the human carrying capacity:

A) can be calculated in the same way it is determined for other animal species.

B) depends upon a standard of living.

C) can clearly be determined.

D) largely depends upon the availability of fresh water.

2) In a significant 2004 paper reviewing 69 studies on world human population and carrying

 capacity, the authors estimated that the sustainable carrying capacity of humans for the

 planet is about:

A) 600 million.

B) 2.5 billion.

C) 7.7 billion.

D) 20 billion.

3) According to the UN Population Division the world population will pass the 8 billion mark in:

A) 2014.

B) 2025.

C) 2050.

D) 2100.

4) Which of the following activities would be consistent with the Millennium Development Goals?

A) help communities build technical and trade schools for boys to learn skills in high


B) develop coal, gold, and silver mines wherever possible as quick sources of jobs

C) provide meals and mosquito nets for every child under the age of five

D) encourage the expansion of national militaries to provide income and technical training

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