Housing Act


  A residential property manager looking for new tenants for a single-family rental house rejects an application from two men because she thinks they are gay. Which of the following is true?

a.Sexual orientation is not one of the protected classes in the federal Fair Housing Act

b.The federal Fair Housing Act does not apply to the rental of single-family homes

c.The property manager did not personally violate the law if the property owner gave her written instructions not to rent to homosexuals

d.The property manager has violated the federal Fair Housing Act


A retail space that is separate from a mall’s main shopping area but still within the boundaries of the parking lot is called:

a.an island

b.a satellite space

c.an outparcel

d.a magnet store


A tenant who pays rent on a monthly basis has abandoned the leased space when there are still six months remaining in the lease term. In this situation:

a.the space cannot be leased to a new tenant until the former tenant’s lease term expires

b.the former tenant can be held responsible for no more than three months of additional rental payments

c.the former tenant is still liable for the rent for six more months, even if a new tenant is found right away

d.the former tenant could still be liable for the rent for six more months, but the landlord or manager must make an effort to find a new tenant promptly


Administrative regulations:

a.are merely guidelines, without the force of law

b.may be federal, state, or local

c.are enacted by a legislative body

d.apply only in a particular city or county

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