Hospital System


You are the Vice President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Health and Hospital System. Your system includes 1800 bed-hospital and 30 community-based clinics throughout the metroplex. You and your interdisciplinary team (Quality Improvement, Health Information Management, Pharmacy, and Report/Analytics) are charged with the task of assessing the appropriate clinical, business, and specialty systems applications for the entire hospital system. Provide an assessment of applications available for each of these areas. Determine which might meet this hospital’s needs.


Part 1: Complete this table that will help you assess your needs and make your decisions. As you type in the boxes your table will grow to as large as you need it. When you are done, delete all of the instructions and submit only your work to your instructor.

(Add a title for your table here)

ApplicationWhat is the purpose of this type of application?What is one brand/vendor that you can find that seems to fill this need?What is a second brand/vendor that you can find online that seems to fill this need?
Business (Administrative)
Specialty Systems (think Pharmacy, X-ray, Nutrition, etc.)

Part 2: Create a small health organization database in ACCESS or use Excel if you need to (it will look similar it just won’t have the functions of a real database). For instance, create a database of patients, their diagnosis, reason for their visit, and the cost for the visit. Create at least 10 pretend patients for the database.

Then list 3 ways the database query tool could be used. For example: Dr. Jones asks you for a list of all patients he saw last year with the diagnosis of diabetes.

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