Hospital Practitioners

CS204 Professional Presence

The image you portray as a professional is often reflected in the communications that you relay. Communication in the workplace happens in many forms. With many different types of communication happening within the workplace, there are times when information may be miscommunicated or a communication breakdown can happen between the parties involved.

Your posts should be in the 100-word range

Part 1:

Recall a time when there was a miscommunication with someone in a professional situation. Discuss what the communication issue was and what could have been done to communicate more effectively in that situation.

Part 2:

During this discussion, you will also share information about your planned observation for your Unit 6 Assignment. Please share the following information:

What company will you observe?

What site can you go to find the mission statement for the company?

HS420 Advanced Health Informatics

Post should be 100 word range

Patient Identity Management is a critical function for healthcare facilities. List and explain five tips for successful patient identity management that you would give to hospital administrators and practitioners.

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